CODE-53 VIDEO (Scott Goldberg, Inc.) is an international company serving the Northeast USA and South East Canada. Pre-Construction Documentation is my specialty. I take pride in giving each client professional reliable service. I stay current with technology and continually improve my photographic skills.

I bring over fifteen years of practical knowledge and experience to provide proper documentation of any construction site. I started photographing construction sites as an Estimator & Project Manager. After years of Estimating & Project Management, I started my own company to specialize in the small details of the construction site.

When you hire Code-53 Video you hire me, the owner. I do the documentation, not another photographer with less experience. Being in business for myself makes every project personal and with that comes great results.

When you find yourself needing independent 3rd party construction documentation, call CODE-53 VIDEO. You will receive high quality service and peace of mind.

My Motto

A Site is in PreConstruction Condition Only Once – Document it Now!

(so you don’t have to pay for it later)

There are many reasons to call Code-53 Video to do the Construction Documentation:

  • The time needed to walk the entire site and get the small details has to be made available. I provide you that time – even on 100,000LF pipe installations.
  • I have five (5) years construction estimating & project management experience and over fifteen (15) years site documentation experience – I know what you need documented.
  • Code-53 Video does the Pre-Construction site documentation with the sole intention of protecting you from false accusations of destruction to private & public property.
  • I am NOT a studio photographer looking for side work. I only do construction documentation.
  • I take video and hundreds of digital photo views even if the specification calls for 35.
  • I give you 2 copies of ALL the photos and video taken so you never have to buy photos from me – you have them all.

I Have a Few Rules of Thought by Which I Do Business:

  • I would rather take 200 photo views too many than 1 to few.
  • As the Owner, I don’t need to check with anyone to give you more than the specification asks for.
  • I deliver real photos that will last many, many years. Not Inkjet Printer photos that fade.

Available Equipment

  • Canon XA10- high definition video camera – built in and external memory – supplies high Definition video.
  • Canon EOS T3 – 16 MP digital SLR still camera – supplying high quality digital photos.
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II – 21 MP full frame digital SLR still camera – supplying high quality digital photos.
  • Canon EOS T2 – 35mm SLR film camera.