PreConstruction Documentation – Why it’s so important

Why should any construction company have a third party PreConstruction Documentation done?

I ask “Why shouldn’t they?”

Once those 40,000 LB excavators arrive on site, the home owners in the area finally take a look at their driveways, retaining walls, foundations & entrance way sidewalks and stairs. Until they see those BIG machines all they cared about was how their grass looked.

Is it because most people don’t see the cracks or is it because they don’t acknowledge the cracks and imperfections about their land and homes?

I really can’t answer that, but, YOU will be responsible for them if the PreConstruction is not done BEFORE the excavators arrive on site.

Why can’t I just take photos myself? you might ask.

You can, but third party representation of what the site looked like PreConstruction goes a long way in front of a Judge. I have been doing PreConstruction Documentation for over 10 years and have never been to court. My video & photos have saved my clients thousands of dollars in lawsuits because the home owner never proceeds past the initial complaint after they see the PreConstruction Photos & Video done by an outside company.

How does Code-53 Video get such Great Detail? When you hire Code-53 Video you hire me, the owner of the company. I do the PreConstruction Documentation. When you become a customer of Code-53 Video, you become MY customer. It’s personal to me because it’s my company. I don’t have any other photographers working for me. I walk the entire site and take Video & Photos of everything I can. This takes time and patients to do correctly. I have completed 100,000 LF water main installations and walked every street, Video & Photographed every home, driveway, retaining wall, foundation and all the other details of the site. It took 12 days and over 80 hours of video and over 3000 photos. No lawsuits came to be. There were complaints but they never went past the Photo & Video viewing in the office.

Society has become very litigious. For that reason we have to do everything we can to protect ourselves. I help protect you NOW so you don’t have to pay for it LATER.

Call me, (845)345-5076, when you need the PreConstruction done right.